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Courses and worshops

Kjetil offer different services to support  spiritual and personal growth


Ceremonial session

Conscious nature walk & talk
Nature meditations & exercises
Sami traditional knowledge and wisdom
Personal shamanic Ceremony

I personal ceremonial session we focus on what you need to gain a breaktrough on your healing path and spiritual development. We meet out in nature. First we walk & talk for 30-45 minutes to map your personal needs and clear your intentions with the ceremony.  After the walk we arrive to a place in nature where you receive a personal task from Kjetil based on your uniquely needs and intentions. When you perform you task, Kjetil will prepare a sacred ceremonial space for you.  When you come back he will offer you a sacred ceremony based on your needs. This can for example be a touch and sound healing ceremony, a guided drum journey, regression or cord cutting ceremony or an other special tailored rituals that suits your needs intention with the ceremony.

Why a ceremony?
A personal ceremony will give you a deeper knowledge  and understanding about a given team you are working with, a break-trough, or an insight in your life`s struggles and purposes. 
The ceremonial session takes about 3 hours.  After you have booked the session Kjetil will contact you to inquire for preperation and meeting place. 

Price: 1 session 3500,- NOK

Craniosacral session

Craniosacral/shamanic work is a natural and holistic healing method based on the use of intuitive skills and conscious touch.  We can find traces of this work in indigenous cultures all over the word. The session last 90 minutes. The first 20-30 minutes we have a short talk where we map your needs. Then Kjetil listen deeplt and interact with the body's own intelligence, help your system to unwind, make small adjustments of bone structure, working with central nervous system, muscles and connective tissue to help if fee it self from any blockages and obstacles that is stoping you flow,  with the intention of personal and spiritual growth, and to bring the body, mind and soul back to optimal health and balance. 

Price: 1500,- NOK
6 sessions 8000,- NOK


Online guidance session

The Online Shamanic guidance session is a 45 minutes session on video cam where i will mentor you and guide you in contact with you heart`s intelligens and help you activate you inner Wisdom, so that you can find answers to your challenges to gain insights in you own life. After a session you will feel centered and renewed

Price:  1 Session 800,- NOK
6 Sessions 4000,- NOK

Book a online session here
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