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1-7th. August 2024

 - a shamanic quest into the heart of Sàpmi

- Visit sacred places in nature

- Rituals and ceremonies

- Visionquest

- Visit many thousands of years old rock carvings

- Experience Sami culture and tradition

- learn from nature & the sami shamanic traditions

- Experience deep contact with wild nature and     primordial powers


Into the wild is a shamanic walk over 8 days where we walk out into the great wilderness to find our own inner wildness, silence, clarity and strength.

We use the outer landscape and nature around us as a mirror of our inner landscape and our inner mythology, to test our character and strength both physically and mentally, so we can become better acquainted with what lives in ourselves.


The trip is not a "walk in the park". the tundra is ancient medicine and can be wildly erratic at times, you can risk going through 4 seasons in one day if the weather gods turn upside down, but it can also be soft and all-embracing experience.

We will follow the old postal route across the plateau between Alta and Karasjok, do shamanistic ceremonies in ancient sacred places, visit many thousands  years old rock carvings and learn about Sami mythology and tradition.

The wilderness is sacred medicine and a wonderful arena for self-development. During the retreat you will also spend time alone in nature, be given tools and tasks adapted to you and your path, and learn to listen to and be in dialogue with nature and the ancient nature spirits the spirits that rest there.

Those who have been on the trip before say that it has been a life-changing experience.


Are you ready to get to know your inner wildness & find your inner peace and strength?

Program for Journey

Day 1:
Meeting Time: 10:00 AM at Alta Museum.

It's recommended to arrive in Alta the day before for a good night's sleep before the journey begins. There are various accommodation options in Alta, from hotels to magical spots in nature where you can set up your tent for free. (Ask for tips if needed).
- Visit the  7000 years old Rock Carvings at Alta Museum.

- Shared lunch at Sami Siida in Alta (Included) and equipment check.

- Visit an ancient Sami sacrificial stone and hold a ceremony.

- Transport to Stilla, where the journey starts. En route, visit Alta Canyon, the largest canyon in Northern Europe, significant historically for the Sami people.

- Evening hike to Jotka Mountain Lodge, approximately 7 km.

- Shared dinner at the lodge (included).

- Setting up tent camp (possible to rent a bed inside for personal expense).


 Day 2:
- Silent hike towards Iesjavri in the south, approximately 17 km.

  *(The south symbolizes transformation and renewal; we walk meditatively with clear intentions of what we want to renew in our lives).*

- Setting up tent camp.

- Shared dinner around the campfire.


Day 3:
- Visit an ancient sacrificial spot in nature and conduct a sacred ceremony.

- Social interaction, fishing.

- Shamanic drum journey.

- Vision quest begins in the afternoon.

  *(Participants spend up to 30 hours alone in nature seeking insight and wisdom).*


Day 4:
- Vision quest ends in the afternoon.

- Shared dinner in the camp.

- Sharing circle.

- Early evening or fishing for those interested.


Day 5:
- Boat crossing over Iesjavri
- Silent hike southward to Nedre Mollisjok Mountain Lodge, around 18 km
- Reflection tasks to integrate the insights from the solitary experience
- Setting up tent camp (possible to rent a bed inside for personal expense).
- Shared dinner at the mountain lodge (included)

Day 6:
- Trekking southward to Čoavddatmohkki, approximately 20 km
- Car transport to Jergul Mountain Lodge
- Shared dinner at the lodge (included)
- Shared river bath and sauna ritual

Day 7: 
- Shared breakfast at Jergul Mountain Lodge (included)
- Transport to Karasjok and guided tour at Sàpmi Park. Learn about Sami history and traditions.
- Visit museum and/or knife-making demonstration.
- Transport to traditional sacrificial site with a shared closing ceremony.
- Conclusion around 4:00 PM
- Possible to set up Shared bus to Lakselv Airport for those who take the fligt from Lakselv this eveing.

Throughout the 7 days, we'll cover approximately 70 km.

Being in reasonably good physical shape is necessary for this journey.

Please note: Participants are responsible for their flights or alternative transport to the retreat's starting point at Alta museum and from Karasjok after the retreat. Transportation and any accommodations before and after the trip must be organized by participants. We'll provide assistance with information.

Please be aware that some changes to the program may occur.

Quiet time:

Part of the hike and some time each day will be set aside to be in silence together in nature. Learn to listen to read signs in nature. Visionquest: is an old shamanic tradition. During the trip, everyone will have at least one night where you should be alone in nature and go inside yourself and get in touch with nature and the spirit world, andto seek answers to problems or the big questions in life


We will do simple shamanistic ceremonies in nature and at  old Sami sacrificial sites where the energy is powerful. Guidance and tasks will also be provided individually as needed along the way.

The trip will be a powerful test of your character, and it is absolutely necessary to be in normal good physical and mental shape to be able to complete the trip. Once you have signed up for the trip, you will be contacted for a screening if we do not know you well from before. This for safety reasons, and that we want to know that everyone who joins the trip is physically and mentally shaped for it. As  we will walk long distances.

Statements from previous participants:

" You should not think that you walk easily over the tundra. It can be rough.  But that feeling when you come in flow with everything, with life, with yourself, with nature. That feeling is priceless. "


" It has been an unforgettable experience that I will always think back to. "

Price and practical information
Price: NOK 12.000,- 

Early bird Price: NOK 10.500 before 1. April 2023

When registering, you will receive an invoice which must be paid within 7 days to secure your place.

It is possible to split it into 2 payments by agreement. 


Registration is binding.

The price does not include transport to Alta at the start, and from Karasjok at the end. Participants must organize transport and any overnight accommodation before the start of the trip and after the trip ends by them self.

We are helpful with information.

The price includes one hot meal each day, breakfast every day and hotel stay the last night in Karasjok.

Dinner at mountain lodges, and at resturant "gammen" in Karasjok at the end of the retreat.

Participants bring other food and snacks themselves.

To be able to take part in this program, you must be in such good physical shape that you can walk up to 25 km a day with approx. 15 kilos of your own rucksack, with personal food, clothing and mountain equipment.

Max 12 participants



Meeting retreat start: 10.00, 24 July 2023 at Alta airport or city center.
Participants are responsible for their own flight/other transport to Alta at the start of the retreat, and home from Karasjok after the retreat ends. If you arrive the day before, you must arrange accommodation in Alta yourself. We can pick you up at a hotel or elsewhere in the city centre on retreat start.

Retreat ends at 14.00 on  31. August in Alta. There are flights to Tromsø/Oslo the same evening from Alta and Lakselv that correspond with busses from Karasjok.

Shared breakfast (oatmeal ) and one hot meal a day is included in the price. When we are at the mountain lodges we eat there, two days we eat simple food made over the fire in nature.

You must bring your own snacks and other foods. On request we can arrange for you dried reindeer meet to bring as energy and snack.
If we catch fish, we will eat it,  it is also in the middle of the berry season with loads of blueberries and cloudberries in nature.
Let us know when registering if you have special needs in relation to food or if you do not eat meat or fish.

Note! some changes to the program may occur.

Join us for an amazing experience that will change your life.


For more information or to sign up HERE or contact at

"There is a quote from Rumi:" Travel brings power and love back to your life ". It is very descriptive of how I feel after the trip."
"The trip has been an initiation and a catalyst for I have met my demons, but I have also returned to my power and inspiration and have much more self-confidence and faith in my abilities than before. "
" Among the many realizations I have had was how important it is to go out of your comfort zone from time to time. You are capable of so much more than you think. Only then do you know what it feels like to live. "
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