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2-4th JUNE 2023

Join us on a magical and transformative weekend with a deep dive into the shaman's world, the elements of nature and the power of your own heart! Meditation, silence, movement, inner and outer nature, transforming heart work. 

Find your inner strength & get to know the nature elements Learn ancient forms of self-healing methods.

Ever since the dawn of time, the wise have talked about the elements of nature and about the power of the heart, about how everything goes in a circle, and that there is an overall structure that governs the whole of existence.

Few have understood what they were talking about, and the wisdom of how things are connected has therefore been reserved for the few.


We are entering a new age (we are already there) where wisdom is available to us all. Most of us also see that the old structures society and our lives are built on are no longer sustainable. But what now? In the new age, one or a few do not have the whole answer, but we all keep a pieces in the great mystery - the puzzle we call life. When we meet in a circle and work together and share our pieces we  starts a process and the pieces fall into place.

We are preparing for a deeply transforming weekend, where we will take a deep dive into the elements air, water, earth and fire, using ancient methods set in a modern context, learn to listen to our inner mythology & use nature elements to to awaken the power of the heart, heal ourselves on a fundamental level and create harmony and joy in our lives, in the modern society.


Are you ready to step into your power and become a conscious co-creator of life?

About Kjetil: Kjetil Kvalvik (45) is from Finnmark and is of Sami / Norwegian descent. Sami shamanism and a deep contact with nature the spirit world has been a natural part of his life for as long as he can remember. After a life-transforming experience in his 20`s, he began working as a healer and therapist. He has traveled extensively around the world and searched for tools for personal- and spiritual development. He is inspired by both shamanism, Taoism and yogic practice and philosophy, and is educated in several different healing modalities. His specialty is craniosacral work, that can be traced back to an ancient shamanistic healing practice. referred to as the "art of listening". He has run his own school since 2005, where he trains healers and therapists and led various workshops, retreats and courses in Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain, India and Italy and elsewhere.

In september 22, he will also start a completely new education program in craniosacral work and shamanism in Oslo. This retreat he facilitate together with his better halv Daniella Brosche who is an experienced yoga teacher and craniosacral worker. Daniella runs her own yoga studio and she is an martial art practitioner with a lot of experience.


What do you need to bring?

A blanket. Clothes according to weather. Both indoor and outdoor clothing that is light and casual. We will have ceremonies outdoors and work a lot directly with nature if the weather allows it. Bring something from nature to put in the altar in the middle of the circle, a stone, flower, fruit, mushroom, seed, cone or whatever you feel you should bring into the circle. This will afterwards be given back to nature. Also bring a personal totem. A stone, jewelry, symbol or something you use to remind you of what is important in life. If you do not have something like that, then it is a good opportunity to get it. During the weekend we charge these with new energy in the altar we build up the energy together. Welcome to a transformative and deeply evolving weekend!

NOK NOK 6,000 for the whole weekend. Includes food and accommodation inside (in 2,3 and 4 bed rooms).

NOK NOK 5,200 for the whole weekend. Includes food and accommodation outside in your own tent or mobile home with electricity, toilet and shower available.

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