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Good question! I guess that depend on who sees me. I was conceived a late autumn evening in 1975 in Kautokeino - a small sami village far above the arctic circle. Nine months later i was born cesarean into this world under dramatic circumstances at Hammerfest Hospital.

Already from the beginning they could see that i had appetite for life. And already form i was little i could feel i was not fitting in anywhere. I moved a lot around in my childhood, and never settled fully anywhere. I feel home in nature. Growing up in a rough environment in the north with both Norwegian and Sami culture and mythology from an early age, life took me on quite a ride the first years years of my life. Giving me a lot`of challenging life experiences. After leaving the north at age 20 and settled in Oslo area in south-east of Norway.

Since I was 27, after a deep spiritual and transformational experience, I changed my path of life, and devoted myself to work with healing of the planet and the people on it. For many years i have travel to the east in search for tools and spiritual understanding of life. I have studied many traditions and spiritual philosophies and become especially influenced by visionary craniosacral work, taoism, yoga and contemporary shamanism, as well as my ancestral heritage; The traditional sami shamanism, so called Noaidevoutha that I was introduced to already as a kid by my aunt who was a noaidi (sami shaman) 

Since 2005 I have worked full time as a healer and teacher and have conducted courses and workshops, spiritual gatherings and more in Norway and internationally. In 2009 I founded my first education center and started teaching healing, craniosacral work and therapeutic massage. I have more than 10.000 hours hands on experience as a healer and teacher. I do public speaking and ceremonies, and work as teacher and mentor in our healing center and academy Vaajma Studio in Stømmen just outside Oslo.

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