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Shambala Gatherings, Skinnskattberg, Sweden

Craniosacral work is a natural and holistic healing method based on conscious touch, deep listening with the heart in meditative states. We interact with the body’s own intelligence, with the intention of bringing the bodymind back to optimal health and balance.

Most people who receive Craniosacral sessions experience a sense of balance, relaxation, deep connectedness and healing on all levels. It’s easy to learn and can be implemented into any form of spiritual practice, therapeutic or healing work, yoga etc.

The practice also gives you amazing tools for personal & spiritual growth, inner peace and joy.  During the training we work on developing the intuitive channels,  gaining resilience, finding inner strength, joy, and deep calm through touch, meditation, breathing, yoga and other practices that bring you into contact with your soul’s potential and authentic being.

This course is the first module in Eana Academys craniosacral training that is an in-depth module-based education over 2 years part-time, with 9 modules of 4 days each. After you have participated in this first module you can choose if you want to go further and enroll for module 2 spring 2023. etc. 

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