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The mentorship training is a and comprehensive  transformational journey

for those who are ready to become the most authentic and empowered version of them self. 

Kjetil has been mentoring hundreds of people the last 10  years  trough deep journey towards becoming everything they are ment to be in this life , and  be able to share their gifts to the  word.

The program is truly a transformational  journey, that will give you all the tool & support you need to find a way of life that is empowering for you and for your soul.

I wide diversity of people have gone trough this program, naturally a lot of the students from his academy, who are under training to become a healer, spacholder and craniosacral therapist, but also medical doctors, psychologists, artists, politicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, life coaches are among those who have gone trough this program.

The program is a trauma-informed and focuses not only on the wounds and patterns that hold us back form becoming the greatest version of our self, but also has a great focus on developing the talents and gifts that lies dormant in every human being,  dare to make the journey toward unleashing your souls potential and become the extraordinary human being you are ment to be. The program is also an education in life, where we strive towards becoming more resilient, and learn how to circulate the experiences you have gone trough in life and use them as fertilizers for personal & spiritual growth.

The program will give you concrete tools that will help you transform your life, but most important you will have my experienced support and guiding all the way.  

My promise to you is that i will see you and be there for you. 


what will you get?


- 10 physical sessions where we meet in my office in Oslo or in nature.  During thees session we will use craniosacral work, guided visualization & meditations or ancient shamanic tools like drum journey`s, vioce activations, truma relaleases and more. and more that support you journey. If you are not living in Oslo som of thees physical sessions can be done online. 

- 10 online sessions via zoom (45 min) where we focusing on coaching and soul guiding that support you transformation and the subjects you are going trough in your life at the moment. 

- The mentorship training contains a specially designed transformational self-grow program, where we go systematically trough different subjects like grounding, boundaries, relationships, spiritual practice,  intuition, mindset, survival patterns and more. You will get specific tasks that you will work on during the program and given different meditations to practice.

- Students that are also going trough one of our education programs at our academy will also get the opportunity to be assistent during course weekends and personal sessions and get to work close with me in order to learn the art of healing and space holding.


NOK 24.000,- 

You can also pay in monthly rates NOK 2000,- x 13. total NOK 26.000,- 


Apply to our program here

Thanks for submitting!

i will contact you soon for an interview before can accept you to the program.

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