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Shamanic training

Our shamanic training is a comprehensive program that gives you all the basic tools you need in order to understand and master yourself and the world you are living in from a shamanic perspective.  Are you ready to embark on magical shamanic journey back home to your spiritual heart?  

The foundation of our shamanic training is Sami shamanism from a moder perspective. The Sami people have survived as semi nomadic people in the rough arctic nature for centuries. Living of and cultivating the land and the relationship to the land in a sustainable way but at the same time managed to adapt  into the moder lifstyle. The wisdom of nature is living in their hearts.  Trough our program we share this heartfelt, grounded and practical approach to health, life and spirituality. As a way to mastery of you own life. Our shamanism is not about philosophy and it cannot be understood by the intellectual mind. But your relationship to your own heart, and the dialog between your heart, nature and spirit.

There are no recipes when living from the heart, since we all are different, we are all a flower in the great bouquet called life and we all have our unike gifts to share to the world, and we all perceive life and nature different. 

Come walk the path with us and experience how this ancient living shamanic traditions can help you live a balanced, happy and joyful life in the modern world.


About the education

About the

About the shamanic training
The training is an in-depth module-based training over minimum 1 year, with 4 basic modules of 3 days each.

After you have finished thees 4 modules, you are invited to participate on a shamanic quest into the heart of Sapmi.  a shamanic walk over 8 days where we walk out into the great wilderness to find our own inner wildness, silence, clarity and strength, do ceremonies on ancient holy places in nature, visit thousands of years old rock carvings, meet the people who lives in the tundra and learn the way of nature and spirituality in the arctic. 

​During the trip we learn to use the outer landscape and nature around us as a mirror of our inner landscape and our inner mythology, to test our character and strength both physically and mentally, so we can become better acquainted with what lives in ourselves. 


There the entire training is designed as a personal and spiritual journey and healing process with the goal that you will find the most authentic version of yourself in the process.

The training offers techniques not only from the Sami tradition, but also from  different ancient tradition around the world, set into a modern context. All the work  are shared with deep gratitude, cause we belive it is the best tool we can share in order to help the modern humans to become sustainable in their way of living and breathing in this world. 

For us it is not about the technique that we use, but how we use them in order to make a difference in the world.


As a part of the training we work on developing you inner intuitive channels, developing personal and spiritual resilience, and finding inner strength, joy, silence and deep calm through touch, meditation practice, breathing, nature contact other practices that bring you back into you nature and in contact with your most authentic being and highest and potential. 

Content & modules


Basic shamanism

- Meditation & breatwork

- Different states of expanded awareness

- Connection to the ancestral line

- Shamanic drum journey``s

- Finding your point of balance

- Elements, directions & planes 

- Invocations

- Energetic hygiene


The shamanic heart

- Heart Psychology
- Empathic understanding

- Ways of touching the heart

- Connection to  mother earth and father sky
- Shamanic heart constellations

- The art of seeing with the heart

- History, archetypes & mythology


Relationship work

- Deepening the relationship to you self

- Shamanic cord cutting 

- Clearing the timeline

- Rebirthing & Regression work

- Exploring your relationships

- The art of listening

- Opening the inner ear



Rituals & ceremonial work

- Nature elements in healing work

- Reading energyfields.

- Finding your natural element

- learning to give a  pesonal ceremony

- Receiving a personal ceremony 

- Understanding the art of inner knowing


VIsion Quest

 - a quest into the heart of Sàpmi​

- Visit sacred places in nature

- Rituals and ceremonies

- Visit many thousands of years old rock carvings

- learn from nature & the sami shamanic traditions

- Experience deep contact with wild nature and     primordial powers


Holding space

For those of the partisipant who are on a track to become or already are spaceholders - working to facilitate other peoples healing and spiritual journeys, we offer the possibility to join future modules as a part of our assistent team and learn the art of holding space.

Next training starts  in Novenber 2023 in Oslo, Norway

"For me, the studyprogram has had a wonderful balance between theory and practice. Both inside and outside the classroom, as well as in life in general, this has incorporated itself in a very natural way along my path. I have grown enormously in these two years, but the most important lesson I'm left with is that I already had all the knowledge inside me. 
All I needed were the tools to get there."
"I have gained a deeper insight into life than I have ever tought was possible. I have learned most from my own intuition, but would never have understood the connection without Kjetil's guidance and advice. I am so grateful that he has given enough individual freedom trough the training so have been able to follow my own path"
"Kjetil is a fantastic good , friend, teacher and mentor. I  can recommend this training wholeheartedly. He is a good and dedicated teacher in line with his destiny. Kjetil is genuine, a two-year training with him will change your life for ever"
"Everything is completely different. I know who I am Now and what I'm going to do.  I'm open, see more clearly, o am well grounded and have an inner security that endures a lot more than before. I'm extremely grateful."
The training has been an incredible journey. I have learned to listen with my hands and to trust that with the help of simple techniques and by being present, I can help people to initiate healing processes within themselves. In In addition, I have learned an enormous amount about myself and experienced the power of cranio treatment. Nothing is the same as before. Fortunately".
"The combination of listening, reading, trial and error and receiving treatment has been very important.
Kjetil sees everyone. Is humble, but at the same time dares to be honest and challenge when it feels right.
Caring and clear. Funny.
Highly recommended!"

Practical info 

(tems & conditions)

Next training starts in Oslo, Norway 21. September. (for the training in Sweden look here)

A total of 320 teaching hours divided into 9 Module + 160 hours self-study. 20h per module.  

A total of 480 hours. 



Instructions in Norwegian and English. Curriculum books only in English We use the books: "Heart of Listening" Vol. 1 and 2 by Hugh Milne and "Craniosacral Chi Kung: Integrating Body and Emotion in the Cosmic Flow" by Mantak Chia and Joyce Thom. BodyMind by Ken Dychtwald.


How many students?

Minimum 10 and max 22 students per class. During each module, there will also be at least 1 assistant teacher per 5 students to ensure good follow-up and quality of teaching.

Student practice

Practice evenings every second weekend during from September to June at our clinic in Strømmen, where students can come and practice and go through techniques together. After 2 modules you will have enough tools to start practicing on clients on a private basis. Otherwise, students practice and study at their own pace between the modules. It is recommended to set aside a few hours each week for practice and study. To succeed and integrate the techniques and become a good therapist, you should practice techniques for at least 10 sessionsand recieve at least two session yourself from fellow students or teachers of the academy between each module.


As a student at our academy, you get access to a network of students, experienced therapists and healers, who support and cheer on you along the way. A closed facebook group is created for the student group, where you can share information, your experiences and processes with fellow students. Together we are strong!

Personal process or certification track

Many students take the training primarily for their own healing and growth. To work with oneself, and to acquire a deeper understanding of oneself and life. If you choose to join the journey primarily for your own part,  and not to become a professional healer, then you do not need to practice on clients between sessions and have your 160 hours of self study documented. You do not have to decide whether to become a therapist or not until second year of the training.  Many experience that the knowledge and methods they learn during the training can easily be implemented in other types of work and in other parts of life.



If you choose thecertification track you have to take an individual exam when you are ready for it after you have completed 8 modules . Exam costs are 2500, - and include a theoretical home exam. Once you have passed the theoretical exam, we will arrange a practical exam where you will work on a client with a teacher present to assess your academic land intuitive level. To take the exam, you must have also received at least 10 craniosacral treatments outside the study sessions from a teacher or a craniosacral practitioner approved by the academy. (ask for list). You must also be able to document 160 hours of self-study and 50 practice sessions on clients. (this applies to everything from, treatments you give or receive from others , time you set aside to read the syllabus and immerse yourself in the subject).

What if you miss a module?

If you miss a module, you can take it later at the next opportunity at your place of study or other places where we run the training. 



After completing all 8 modules, you will receive a course certificate for all 8 modules. After completing and passing the exam, you will receive a diploma that shows that you are an approved craniosacral therapist. 


Can I work as an approved therapist after graduation?

Craniosacral therapy has no official approval.  As a student at our academy, you can apply for membership with a professional organization that approves therapists. Our study plan satisfies the requirements for approval at NLH. If you want to become an approved therapist in the Brønnøysund register, you must, in addition to having passed the exam at our academy, take VEKST course and a anatomy course. We do not offer these studies. But they can be taken as online studies at, for example, Tunsberg Medical School ( or NLH


You can choose to enroll for 1 year ( 4 modules) at a time or the entire course of study for 2 years at a time.

Payment Choose between paying the full amount before the start of studies or partial payment. Our Academy offers partial payment in collaboration with Fiken accounting in Norway. When you sign up, you will receive an invoice that must be paid within 7 days of registration.  (In Sweden Shambala Gathering handle the enrollments and payments, In Sweden the training is held in retreat style. Food and accommodation comes in addition to the study fee. Look at their page for more details).

Registration is binding 14 days after registration according to Norwegian law. After that you are bound by a financial contract, just like when you buy any product or service. Should you become ill and unable to complete your studies, you will need to refer to a doctor's statement stating that you do not have the health prerequisites to complete your studies within the next 3 years in order to be able to cancel the contract.



If you have chronic diseases, or other health conditions that you know can make it difficult to complete your studies if it worsens, you are obliged to give us information about it. So that we know about it and can take it into account. Once you have registered for the education, you will receive practical information and a link to where you can order syllabus books. After the first study weekend, we create a private facebook group with the other students in your class where you can help create a network of like-minded people who support each other on the journey through their studies.

Diagnoses and medications

If you have a history of severe psychiatric diagnoses, heavy drug use or alcohol abuse, we need to know before you enroll in your studies. That does not mean you can not join. But we need to talk to you and make an assessment of it before we accept you as a student. This is because of your and other students' safety is important to us, and that we want to create a safe atmosphere at the training for everyone.


Self-development process

The entire course of study is set up as a self-development process where you are guided through a process with the goal of finding your strengths and weaknesses, healing yourself and your family line, and developing yourself both as a human being and as a soul, finding your authentic self and becoming a greater resource than you are today, both for yourself, your loved ones and society. The techniques and methods that we use along the way are ancient and well-proven and are good foundations in both modern science and in the way shamans and healers have worked for millennia. At the same time, there is room for renewal and individual approaches. 


Cancellation or postponement

The Academy claims the right to cancel the training or postpone start-up if there are not at least 10 registered students 3 weeks before start. In case of cancellation, you will be refunded the full amount paid. In the event of a postponement of start-up for up to 6 months due to this or circumstances we do not have control over, such as Covid-19 restrictions etc, you will not be reimbursed the tuition fee but will be transferred to a new start-up date. The academy invokes the right to postpone or change dates on study weekends up to 3 weeks before start-up, and along the way if conditions that we do not have control over should affect the implementation of the modules.

Payment options:

Option  1: NOK 4000 in non-refundable registration fee upon registration. Then you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount of 44,000 kr. which must be paid within 6 weeks before the startup date of the study. A total of 48,000 Nok. 

Option 2: NOK 4000, - in a non-refundable registration fee upon registration. Then NOK 2,000 per month over 24 months from the registratiuon date. A total of 52,000 NOK 

You can pay down the amount faster if you want. We look forward to having you with us on the journey!

All the modules apart from module 5 will take place at Strømmen outside Oslo. 15 minutes by car or 20 minutes by train from Oslo central station. Module 5 will take place at a retreat location in natural surroundings, where the students live together for 4 days. Travel, board and lodging expenses will be added to the module.

If you have any questions about the training or want to book an online inquiry about the education, you are welcome to contact Kjetil on phone + 47 979 45 223 or e-mail:


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Strømsveien 46, 2010 Strømmen

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