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Experience shamanism with
Kjetil Kvalvik

Kjetil offers shamanic knowledge for the modern human.

Trough his deep love for nature & mother earth, and  compassionate approach to healing, self-growth and spirituality, he have inspired thousands of people to make inner & outer change, walk the healing path and create a more peaceful, balanced & sustainable life for themself & the world around them.


1-7. August 2024 in Finnmark

- Join us on a shamanic quest into the heart of Sàpmi and experience raw and pure nature and the sami culture.



Join us for 3 magical days on exploring silence, nature, yoga, shamanic work and authentic connections

in Norway

Learn the art of visionary healing

Craniosacral work is a natural and holistic healing method based on the use of intuitive skills and conscious touch.  We can find traces of this work in indigenous cultures all over the word.
We listen deeply, move energy and spirit, make small adjustments of bone structure, work directly with central nervous system, muscles and connective tissue and interact with the body's own intelligence, with the intention of personal and spiritual growth, and to bring the body, mind and soul back to optimal health and balance.



The mentorship training program is a one year program for you who are ready to step up and transform your life, find your inner strength and become what  you where meant to be in this life. Your soul need you to become the most authentic version of yourself, the  words need you to share you gifts.  The program is truly a transformational  journey, that will give you all the tool & support you need to find a way of life that is

empowering and true for your soul.


Hear What Others Have to Say

"Kjetil is a brother in spirit, deeply connected to the source and big hearted. With his presence and his honesty he was supporting me to find my inner truth."

Iris Unterkreuter


Who am i?

Good question! I guess that depend on who sees me. I was conceived a late autumn evening in 1975 in Kautokeino - a smal Sami village far above the arctic circle. Nine months later i was born cesarean into this world under dramatic circumstances at Hammerfest Hospital.

Growing up and moving around lot, in a rough environment above the arctic circle

Since I was 27, after having a deep spiritual and transformational experience, I changed my path of life, and devoted myself to work with healing of the planet and the people on it. For many years i have travel to the east in search for tools and spiritual understanding of life. I have studied many traditions and spiritual philosophies and become especially influenced by visionary craniosacral work, taoism, yoga and contemporary shamanism, as well as my ancestral heritage; The traditional sami shamanism, so called Noaidevoutha, that I was introduced to already as a kid by my aunt who was a noaidi (sami shaman) 

Since 2005 I have worked as a healer and teacher and have facilitated courses, workshops and spiritual gatherings a Norway and internationally. In 2009 I founded my first education center and started teaching healing, craniosacral work and therapeutic massage. I have more than 10.000 hours hands on experience as a healer and teacher. I do public speaking and ceremonies, and work as teacher and mentor in our healing center and academy Vaajma Studio in Stømmen just outside Oslo.

Contact info

Get in touch to learn more about our workshops and services, and how to make shamanism and yoga part of your lifestyle.

Vaajma studio 

Strømsveien  46, 2010 Strømmen


20 minuntes both from Oslo central and Oslo airport with train

+47 979 45 223

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